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الأدب والمرأة
Related to country: United States

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The literature and the woman
Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo
Dialogue as long as seduced me a lot… Is for the literature role in reform status of the woman?؟؟ In last phrase is in reform of the literature [ynSlH] status of the woman and in his decay her status spoils?؟؟ Confusing question make sleepless me a lot and led me to interior philosophy… The tiring headache fetches hit her at the same time the pleasure and the joy in the result fetches… Result makes me welfare foretold that the pen industrializes the plenty indeed the miracles do not harbor…
Before the plunging in details [aalSlaaH] and the destruction and what he the rotary literature in him… Shortage in breaths lets us introduces what he the literature… Already introduces him far about that many terms and which already appears for the some dry… For learned his as one of of the people simple… Definitions of he “she that communicable works maltreating in the writing or [aalmshaafht] and which the pleasure for the people fetches either contiguous scents their needs or descriptive their joy [wme'naathm]… Already the inspiration calls for or already the frustration lets for… The joy fetches and already the sadness fetches… From weaves her writers brand (complete name for each from the literature industrializes)… The literature from the cut varies, and the account, and the month, and the examples… Etc… Already categorizes to [tSaanyf] many… Disagreement differs in rear and the culture, “that that definition was simple phrase about attempt semen in weaving…
Believed that you intestine around magnificence does not differ the literature… So the literature industrializes culture of the people… In him all people pride oneself on last… The old date narrated and as example thereon the Arabic literature… How was her the tribes pride oneself in poets and who was important role in praise of the tribe plays and her male of goodnesses and her triumphs… [yhjwaaAA] from their tribe antagonizes… In their words was wars ignite already the thousand ages extend for and in their words was [yTfu'nhaa] and the many examples…
To is what the literature in status entered the woman?؟؟ At deep faith that for him big role not on status of the woman only [w'inmaa] on all social cases, weak your the proof…
For ages of tall… Hears and watchs and reads what writes and says and the woman sees about… Her status… Wronged her… Marginalizing her… Her enablement… Their pain both his night sings in… What agreed on him the all, and I their blessing that there defect in status that partner in the era raved and that she in our societies pulled from under her the carpet, and the details do not wade in for that the time raved not his time…
When contemplates and discusses… [yaa] sees what he the reason who the woman made in the status raved?؟؟ There from the debt accuses thereby, and I cut off that the debt is land acquitted him the wolf from blood Yousef… Your weakness from the customs and the traditions say, or from the values and the believed say, and agreed with them in the some, and in order to the points on the letters put called us answers hereunto the inquiry… “from where that values and the believed came?؟؟" ... Believed that he raved the axial question and who in the answer on him already come apart in him all contract…
Pain harbors the literature he the source for each that values and the believed… On way of the example there from the old examples and the verses what wrong believed bequeath… As your hill which the woman as devil envisioned or that which describes her [baalnjaast] or that which calls to [wy'dhaa] or making of the grave her place, your many weakness and many… Plateau of that believed not in that examples only… Yet that she present in a lot of the cuts, and the narrators, and the hairy poems and which dyes on her the dye [aaldhkwryt]… If family fixs raved that the literature he the birth for each that believed?؟؟

To meeting
written by: Victorious
openings fathi.dhafri@gmail.com
the 17 from April 2009 11,35

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سياح خليجيون يتدفقون على اليمن للفوز بزوجة صيف
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Gulf tourists flocked to Yemen to win the summer's wife
Translated into English by: Ahmed Almarwani
Under twenty girls dream of prosperity
Gulf tourists flocked to Yemen to win the summer's wife

Dubai - Arabic. Net

And the phenomenon of marriage Almeseav came to Yemen, and the local press calls the "tourist marriages" because it is associated with the arrival of Arab tourists, particularly the citizens of the Gulf States to Yemen, to serve both purposes, tourism and the marriage of girls are often young.

According to a report in the "Jerusalem" was published in Jerusalem, this phenomenon raises a lot of controversy within the Yemeni society, which drove the University of "Father" for discussion at a symposium devoted to this purpose.
And the majority of marriages that take place through a "marriage Almeseav" in this province to accept the tourists visit the Gulf and in particular the Saudis, especially in the cities, "a father and Aden." This phenomenon raises many questions, as they relate to society in the process of the governor of tough marriage, and remained for a long time refused to deal with new marriages, such as "temporary marriage" which has spread in a number of Gulf states.
The University President, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed August brave as what is happening in very serious, saying that there are a lot of girls have been married for one month and two months and three months at most, and then become divorced without a future and without them is no guarantee of marital rights, as well as the children were born through this marriage, and today do not know their parents, and no one bears responsibility.

Symposium papers and revealed that a large proportion of girls are often married with their consent, they Acetkmln their studies at a primary or secondary education, ie, they are often as young as the age of twenty, and married couples up to the age of fifty years of age. It was found that people who accept to marry off their daughters through this type of marriage, either illiterate or readers, in addition to the desire to live in the well-being of girls in the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
The field study showed that 70% of these girls were Talagahn, and 30% is the husband to his country, and not due to visit Yemen later, leaving his wife and may have carried him, leaving his wife "does not poison Tailp not land" as the saying common Egyptian.
But the most painful stories are those that fall for girls on the way to the country of their husbands, as many are disposed of them in an inhuman manner and are on the way to outside the borders of their countries, or j which they reach the States, where it would go only to the girls to the Embassy of the country to return to her family and her homeland.

And about the spread of this phenomenon started in the government control of its results, said director of the immigration and passports and citizenship, the Ministry of the Interior to develop regulations for such a marriage until the father's safe for the future of girls, emphasized that the ministry was aware of this marriage, as well as the Embassy of the country wants the marriage to ensure that marital and social rights of the parties.
In the opinion of the symposium held at the University of August to highlight the solutions to this crisis lies in increased awareness among members of society, and to report any marriage in this way happens to be legal action, against the contract, and it is shown such an act, and educate families damaged marriage .
Parliament began to discuss the case of Yemen recently, where he was assigned to the Committee on the Codification of Islamic Sharia law to investigate it and report its findings to the Commission to the Council. In spite of that the head of the ruling Congress MP Sultan said that the phenomenon of volcanic tourist marriages do not exist in reality, he said, adding The Judiciary Committee has not received any complaint did not seize any reality, and what is being said on the subject is intended to abuse and defamation of the country, a colleague in the parliamentary bloc of the Congress party said the discussion of such issues is not a defect, but the fault is a blind eye to the issues present in our society, as saying.

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لا يزال هناك أمل ...
Translations available in: Arabic (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | English | Swedish | Russian | Dutch

Still there hope…
Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo
Does not differ a lot the articles which yells in her the Yemeni newspapers about [mthylaathaa] in the Arabic area when the reader puts for his numbers of tragic and his occurrences of regrettable and pointing does not bring good news in coming generous. Her identicals completely the Internet so from sites ['axbaaryh] does not differ a lot about [mthylaathaa] from the newspapers to the corpuses and which in truimphant writes her [wyshnrhaa] normal citizens tries through echoes them creating [mtnfs] crosses from during him about their satisfactory feelings in the pain time, and the regret on the past is time of last in in addition to the fear from their future who does not know about him many.

Permission so in the end result does not be possible me to describes her in black [wlrbmaa] close expressing have fun “regrettable his” carries her the citizens and coexists with her every day followed thinks that I exaggerates indeed shortage that wellborn and his flood ironing escapes the Yemeni from [maayHmlwnh] from “collected tragic his” for happening their and their fear from future hides in taking their for the kat and their morsels for him to climate enters in relieves me for a few hours and once indeed removes from him corroded accustoms passes him last and to level of superior from the feelings is in arrives to “the destruction”.

What believes him that we in Yemen faces “his challenges of real and emergency his” on us that does not deny her so beginning of the solutions [tbd'] in our the recognition in problems or what faces us from challenges altogether. To that he metabolism the mere stop Imam of that challenges [aalHqyqyh] and [aalTaary'h] and the surrender have fun and undertaking measures his of reverses and decisions other than successful his in instants of the destruction contributes in [zyaadh] [tjdhr] that challenges yet and expansion patched her [aaljGraafyh]… therefore shower hesitation of statements that she enforce payment in Yemen threw in the received hidden informers and in nature of the situation so indeed that vague destiny means already lengthens the million from Yemeni and to is in what gained him the reflexive measures and/or the wrong decisions in instants of destruction from insight lost [maahw] coming to loves.

From attempts personal, the statement can that extra from the thought in our problems catastrophic end adequate performs to the regrettable situations improve, whereas that extra from the thought in solutions for hill your the problems be possible to end performs to most positivity from previous her.

Did not end there hope… Raved completely what learned him from our cuts of the children since smoothness of nails just as the date sees me for us he last a lot of cuts of the people happy self the end and the legends the legends and the arbitrator which she also knows us that the belief in presence the hope in life the human being he is key of lack and our male hare in swamp of the thought in our problems.

Finally… Be scabby to grants yourself so compacted him last for the exit from what you in him, so bones matter of grant [aalxaalq] for the mankinds he “freedom [aal'axtyaar]”.

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Related to country: Yemen

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Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo

For each thing against him To who against for him
for each thing his peer To who peer for him
for each thing his border To who border for him
for each thing is beginning his To who beginning for him
long for to him [mhjty] Orphan as the compass
and sang him confused me [wGaazltny] the questions
and author leads risks me In instincts of wet
dumb and from you [xaalqy] Disproof excelled [aa] for problematic

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أطفال اليمن ... المستقبل ذو الإحتياج الخاص
Translations available in: Arabic (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | English | Swedish | Russian | Dutch

Children of Yemen… The future having the special need
Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo
Big wave from the pessimism invades the Yemeni today and appears that she does not stand only stubborn their pasts and present their so here it is extends to their future invades also. So beginning from incrementation cases of the committing suicide which reads her in the newspapers [aalmstqlh] and the informative sites the Yemeni which leads her passage in the frustration increased in rows [aalmwaaTnyyn] and termination in the statements and which was last her for substitute international prime minister of minister the plan and the cooperation my the wide doctor Abdul-Kareem reconciled what rosy his site of purpose Press about future “[Swmlt]” perhaps he [maayntDHrh] the Yemeni.

Children of Yemen… Worry received who on us to bets on him except that [msy'lt] ambled us the interest and the care stands during [aalmwjhh] today for the children and which builder on her be possible to depends her as pointing for received Yemen. The country raved who the plenty be full in from benevolent hit him suffers from so reigned and whether use [ynhshaan] in present his and future draws having special need for Yemeni.
Cases of the children and the women [aalHrjh], under the address in summary raved report [aalywnysf] for the humanitarian work 2009 veins in year 2008 republican of Yemen, [aalwaaqe'h] south west of comparable with [aaljzyrh] [aale'rbyh], emergency conditions on three fronts: “1” the rotating struggle in north of conservative ascended him. “2” impact rise of the going rates on the national level the economy. “3” and impact stormy [aal'istwaay'yh] [aalshdydh] which south east of the country started on, and special his in preservations of Hadramaut and skilled. Was for each that high incidence on the women and the children weak in country existed in him the bad indicators social from where deaths the nursing the children and the mothers in [aalmnTqh]. Cases of the emergency on conversion of the budgets do and the human resources far about the programs [aale'aadyh], the adequate time himself is easy [aalfrSh] for mastery of the light on needs and truths the factions [aalDe'yfh] from the children and the women in her occurrence on the services.

Self of the report fulfilled ['asrdt] [aalywnysf] group from the operations which execution as dam for the need in sides as the health seeks for her [waaltGdhyh] in informed 950.000 dollar American, the waters and pure healthy [waalnDHaafh] [aalSHyh] in informed 220.000 dollar American, the education in informed 780.000 dollar American and protection of the child in informed 100.000 dollar American and in complete collected Lama antecedence in 2.050.000 American dollar as operations straightens in her [aalywnysf] in Yemen for general 2009.

Report of last fulfilled [llywnysf] for general 2008 [tjdth] about increased rise for deaths of the children in Yemen where male that the death conceals 107 among all thousand child in the rural areas dies, 79 infant from all thousand infant, 94 child without age fifth of all thousand child, and to 46% from the children suffers from maltreating of the nutrition.

As mentioned the report that half of the children Yemeni the elementary education does not receive and that them absent in image complete alum about devices of the flags - worldwide, and while the truths pertain the report said indeed the Yemeni child does not collect on levels [Hqwqt] and to 27% from them heads [lle'maalh], and the ugly exploitation during smuggling to their be exposed to their the neighboring states and exploitation [w'isaa'h] their treatment.

Finally… Coming miracles in the road be possible have fun to the Yemeni and their raise children. Despite thereof so indeed [nyh] truthful in in addition to ['iraadh] political his serious his from the ruling regime in Yemen be possible have fun that speaking many.

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أيــــــــــــن المفر
Translations available in: Arabic (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | English | Swedish | Russian | Dutch

Where the escape
Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo
In the name of God, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate

Where the escape
In easy behavior about lecturer
Sheikh of Nasser the praising

that praise be to God praises him and seek help him and ask for forgiveness him and seek guidance him [wne'wdh] in Allah from evils ourselves
and blessing bad our of works from guides him Allah so misleading for him and blessing misguides so guide for him
and witnesses that god to Allah unified him partner for him and witnesses that [mHmdaaAA] his slave and his
messenger {[y'ayhaa] who [aamnwaa'atqwaa] Allah is truth [tqaath] followed dies to and you is Muslim}
{[y'ayhaa] who guaranteed ['atqwaa] Allah and relevant statements negotiated punching of works fits your and punching of guilt forgives your and blessing [yTe'] Allah and his messenger lost won won great}…. The parties
so that the believer the insights and reasonable [aalaaryb] [hwmn] his future thinks in and what [syEEwl] to him
so as to one already thinks in [msnqblh] first in this [aalHyaah] [aaldnyaa'wmaa] [sy'au'l] to him
from testimonies [wwDaay'f] and other than…
Requested matter raved and to borders harbored in…
Hurted does not be necessary on us our received forgetfulness [aalaaxraawy] [aazaaY] that he future not Kay received
day not Kay day that today who separates in him all grilling
and cut off in him all grilling of the land not she the land and the sky not she the sky
the flags changed rough my [aalaanaam] and the dreams cut off and the tribes separated and destroyed [aale'alaaaay'qa]
and week [aalxliaay'q] between hands of the King creative Al-Ali….
Over there youth new and truth [aalwe'yd] and tough bone the terror.
Said rose

peace be upon him says {from explores to day sees [aalqyaamh] the eye
saw [fyqraa'] violence of the agglomeration}
harm of the sun [kwrt]*[w'adhaa] the stars ['ankdrt] *[w'adhaa] [aaljyaal] [syrt]*[w'adhaa] [aale'shaar] [e'Tlt]*[w'adhaa] the monsters is insect *[w'adhaa] the sailor [sjrt]*and harm of the breaths is wife *[w'adhaa] [aalmu'dtu] asked*in any guilt killers *[waadhaa] the newspapers is publication *[w'adhaa] for sky [kshTrt] *[waadhaaaaljHym] calorie*and harm of Heaven ['azlft]*harelip [nfshUU] what brought}….

Your lowness is day of tear for his assigned from forgave for his what his guilt presents from and what [taaxr] Mohammed is peace be upon him yet youth therefore [raashu]
[wwjl] therefore turning his worn mouth heart and turn over you
{so harm lightning of the vision*and humiliation of the moon*
and gathering of the sun and the moon *[yqwlwn] [ywmy'dh] where the escape*to your irrigation [yu'my'dhAA] [aalmsqr]} that day returning in him

followed [shfaae'hAA] in him vinegar consoles you relative followed [ySaafyk] .....
That today great who blank about him the people a lot and their yen made in and between him periods far….
That he day [aalSaaxh] day [aalqaare'h] day [aalzlzlh] day [aalwaaqe'h] day [aalGaashyh] his day of following is day [aalTaamh] day of the offer is evident hands of Allah Judgment Day is day [aalqyaamh] if his harelip in terror to family and blessing countries of day of the insectary escaped from the people between hands Allah cram blesses and rises: Surrounded him his buttonholes [GrlaaAA] other than [mxtnyn].
{the Imam comes out Muslim have mercy him Allah rose his modern blessing living Allah accepted about her attic and peace said reputation messenger of Allah cobra of Allah says you as
the people cram day [aalqyaamh] barefooted his buttonholes [AA] [GurlaaAA] bruises of Allah said about her: - [yaa] messenger of Allah: : : The men and the women looks in biting their to some - said [yaa] living his as the matter the matter tough than to looks some them to some}
that bulky terror [tjthwaa] for him the nations all nations already [tbraa'] all his vinegar from friend and as to close his close blessing and as to his lover from lover both [ysTrx] in him [yaa] god peace of peace…
Said blesses and rose: -
{day be new all breath what prepared welfares did from ...... To last and warns you Allah himself}
the ages is ages ..........

So is ticket brothers of the lover that today crucial at that today tough so harm of she [shaaxStAA]
visions who [kfrwaa]* [yaa] our destruction already shelter in blank his from raved…
Like for your breath day that listening [aalSyHh] so your graduation from grave is amazed [mdhwshaaAA] from terror learned and bone of the anguish [fy] [dhlk] today [ymly'] the hearts the fear and seizes on [aalaafy'dh] and the movements seize on and the sounds cut off said became strong and wanders {[wxshe't] the sounds for Al-Rahman so does not hear [aalaahmsaaAAu]}
his elephantiasis from day remembers in him the negligent what shortened in him and friend [aalme'aaSy] [me'aaSyhi] how much from prayer get lost her and sleeve from alms cut up her and their sitting sleeve from friends is illusion today [ytbry'wn] from him that big day of the offer said rose {the friends some them [ywmy'dhAA] to enemy divides to [aalmtqyn]}
he is [ywm] cut off in him the hope, he is day cut off in him the strength, worn mouth turning your prisoner, and he [yraa'] the matter is view of statement….
[yaa] Bin corium recollection of day cut off about you the operation just as the men cut off and the outdoor cut off approached her people meet .....
Said became strong and be exalted {day walks the mountains and the land sees prominent and crammed them so their blessing does not leave sharp, and expanded on suggest doubt you line up to already [jy'tmwnaa] just as created you first bitter, yet alleged that punching of appointment do not make and the book left string of the criminals pitiful of which in him and says [yaa] our destruction financed the book raved child does not leave grown-up followed to counted her and found [maae'mlwaa] present followed wrongs suggest doubt you one} .....
As that one of the ancestor have mercy him Allah rose plenty of the crying and the sadness and crying was in his says: -
destructions from guilt already [aauHaSyt] and blessing of newspaper appeared obliqueness knew that all him and blames disguises on him wanted then mists on him [kthbraaAA] .....
['au] [xy].
Then what!!!!?
The book put to appears the .......
Status for correction the newspapers, status to the judgement itemized status for the sadness and the crying
then calls ...... where from male so does not remember where from preaching so [ydkr] where from give time… reported.
Preaching in work… so what did….
Mentions [yaa] needy of day and your rhymes between hands suggest doubt you [e'uryaaAA] as walks .......
Like and your rhymes Judgment Day [e'uryaaAA] **** [mstwHshAA] the anxious intestines confusion
['aqraa'] written [yaa] slaves on slowness *** and mentions so Hill [yaa] sees already was what was

The peace and wrote her: prince of alpine
[s] (Fouad is forests) [yf] brave

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Life is

As Angles exist on earth
As Santa comes every Christmas
As stars fall
and full moon lightens the sky
As prayers reach heaven
As the child's smile
As an innocent happiness of poor
holding a piece of bread
As a traveler reaches his home
As success tears
As hope graduates from imagination
to join reality as a truth
As love blooms in wintertime
As fall changes colors
gives leaves away
As friends hold hands
As tomorrow comes with the first light
As boats sail back to the shores
As mothers hold their kids tight
As rain washes out all sins and dirts
covers the space with its aroma and serendipity
As the blue sky hugs the day light
As peace wins over war
and blood runs only in vains

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أعادة لما سبق
Translations available in: Arabic (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | English | Swedish | Russian | Dutch

['ae'aadt] Lama is antecedence
Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo
The poet
said [yaaqwm] do not speak that the talk is prohibited
slept followed wake up what won other than the sleep
and be late about all what accomplishes in indeed advances
the understanding left side so benevolent that repetition do not understand


complaint as always ........

All doors lock in our faces the Yemeni
council corroded and daughter-in-law thinks finally finder Yemeni general forum [yjru'] on the marine wounds absolute and to is after subjects confiscated previous without reason
weak I behind name hidden [s'awthr] the safety and citizen of the accusations leaves about so to requests for me the excuse
and I requested the excuse for each from participates us the forum

raved wanted that addict became for anesthetic lacs national lack the feeling did not accuse of and to did not accuse [baalaambaalaat] or accusation of the relaxation

accused of or the mask removes and eyes and my pen about the hesitation and the fear abandon my who spoke about him previously and smile tears complimentary which releases her on friends of the preservation and the possession [waaljlaalh]

is complete us that hears in to our one of heads hit him his deputies his hearts or collapse of crucial from favored as inheritance his from our national disasters and blames pours in her from reason of the fats or the ovine gravy
Good health the heads not evidence on [e'aafyh] Al-Watan became head dreams in [nzyt] the craziness hits in or identicals of lacs commit suicide evaluates for him [thmthaalaa] national and celebrates in him annual and to is says you just as the artist Kathim said from and yen answered feeling [lly] what example head his feels

of sheikh in aspect minister in internationalized him five companies accompanied for him four wives for him ten child doubles from other than the girls possesses special hospital for him [tse'h] balances him for him twenty [hwaayh] head of four associations accomplishes 7 hours in taking of the kat candidacy in elections the local council in him nine illness from her [aalDHGT] and the drunkards etc Umrah 50 sharpens him travels on the average four times monthly and many board of director in bank of children bit his and a lot of from the operation and the works [waalshGlaat] and operated
[wwww] etc

questions when be unoccupied the head raved [l'ajl] Al-Watan?When the cases study which suffers her? When time in the information on problems allows their Al-Watan and worries of the citizen?
So to asks ourselves is her important transaction estimated above the the million dollar? In side colleague of work for him mother breakoff of waters live who he his part from responsibility in the local councils who realized in him his smashing victory.

[te'aal] brothers of the citizen and the head and [Haars] and mendicant rose all I contemplate

the government gave [waaldwlh] the confidence in the behavior in everything thing from period of services and reformer of the audiences

so says [aaldwlh] gives from disobeys her car brands in the grain and for her last names traveled his grain and district and specifying for him five companions is personal and behavior to five weapons love [aatwmtyky] with pure 400 free monthly for each enclosures? Adds to that generous dependency and card of sheikh and card of army with all statements of Allah raved [yhnyh] the life is blessings

with all what gives him for these uses all looting of the meters raved in [aalbsyTh] which ages accomplished her shares enforce payment to seizes on her in hazelnut gave her [aayaah]

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هنا يأتي التكامل...
Translations available in: Arabic (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | English | Swedish | Russian | Dutch

Here the completeness comes…
Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo
Correct that Al-Khobar who transported him her the Yemeni newspapers in diversity of spectrums and all informative sites the Yemeni was “[mjljl] and scary” and puts the the hundred from marks inquiry around the place who walks to him blessing harbors in in them her citizens.

“according to of Allah and blessings of the agent on this government”… “salvation… ['antht] her need of name law and dignity in the country”… “this she [aalbdaayh] and coming evils”… “and said the right faith [waalHkmh]”… Their pain a lot of the phrases which start in the buses exported as commentaries in areas Yemen general for the transfer passage in the coffeehouses general to drinking of the tea [wmqaayl] the kat and termination in commentaries his the informative visitors relative to the articles in the sites on interjoining the Internet, lineup [she'bwy] prodigy around removal [maatnaaqlth] that methods carries wonderful guaranteed about that the Yemeni increases consciousness with progress of Al-Ayyam on opposite what speaks about him some the weak-minded or/and spiteful spiteful on Yemen.

Become beautiful for the some to says that Yemen geographical self of range wide hit me does not consider that the subject likewise when cases speak about and they (influence of the state on all her areas and application application of authority of the law [bHdhaafyrhaa]) so the nature [aalwe'rh] for the reliefs [aaljGraafyh] to blamed prohibitive your about the illiterate [aalqaabe'h] in that reliefs [aalwe'rh] [wmaatHtwyhaa] from demographic gatherings in in addition to appealing many from the gatherings demographic to the customs and the customs [aalqblyh] and regards in north of Yemen prohibitive your to arrangement priority which suffers from him the state [aalymnyh]. All that obstacles of real towards execution of the cases form his previous and from period that completeness of the performance comes evident civil organizations of the state and organizations of the society in role joint completeness aims to rumor of the light and causing [aaltnmyh] [aalmnshwdh] and the observation Lama be possible that his breaths juristic violations or/and legal jurist before individuals or officials.

Indeed [maaqaam] in him the Yemeni observatory for human rights through his observation for the practical parchment which his preservation happened in of pilgrimage “north of Yemen” through selling the sharp individuals in informed 500.000 riyal be equal Yemeni any what 2500 dollar equates American and his consolidation is oculist of selling and his correct purchase before one [aalqDaah] the Yemeni in one of the Yemeni courts official and the notification about that through generalization of that occurrence abominable on all methods the Yemeni information before the previous organization the male comes [lyTmy'nnaa] about that civil organizations of the society in Yemen practices her role in my devotion and knocking his high to that governmental palaces in performance of the organizations complete the Yemeni.

With ugliness of that occurrence to that we on us to looks also to the good side from [aalqDyh] to comes following Lama is daughter-in-law already ['aslft] through decision council of the judgement high in stopping and trial of that judge and clouds of the confidence about him and his prevention from practicing did him in in addition to annulment that [aale'mlyh] to appears for us the brother interacted minister of the justice gaseous dusty personal and his follower to hits [aalqDyh] [aalGrybh] about the Yemeni society.

Although some his colleagues across frankness about criticizing [w'istyaa't] from lack the direct commentary [baalktaabh] about [maaHdth] and the satisfaction in follower collapses of the occurrence. To that I [maazlt] believes that the occurrence is dark crime rightly the human at the time grows in him humanitarian cases of the truths hit me also remainder that area for the judgement gave Yemeni to his role practices and as me departure from that area can to wisdoms towards the Yemeni government and upright on Yemeni wire the judgement rush in my and delicious my really his compliance was fast and interacting in shackles reassuring for us as Yemeni that there judicial wakefulness juristic in conscience Yemeni people and leadership.

Finally… Does not be necessary that dates of that event [aalbGyDHt] and irregular on the society Yemeni without stopping his for studious her and creating of the solutions is ironing does not repeat in received identicals of this occurrences [aalmshynh] and deformative for humanitarian our firstly and to blamed secondly. Raved [maae'lynaa] to demands in him the devices [aalmxtSh] and stimulates them on him.

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لانه يمني

يا جدة العرب, هكذا ناداني قريب ليس بقريب و بتلك الكلمات أعاد إلي الحنين لليمن. لتلك السمرة التي تعلو وجوه من اختاروا البحر لهم جار و كرم الجبال التي لطالما صمدت في وجه كل محتل و عات و دخيل. هكذا عرفت كل شاب ارتبط دمه بهذه الأرض و علت أمنياته عنان السماء و وطأت قدماه حانية في كل خطوة تلامس هذه الأرض الطيبة. مهما ابتعدنا أو قربت بنا المسافات فأن اليمن هي الكلمة التي تجمع ذلك الشمل. دعوني أطلعكم على رحلتي التي عبرت بها بحر و محيط و لكن مخيلتي لم تتعد مضيق باب المندب لتترك اليمن.

و حانت لحظة الوداع في مطار صنعاء الدولي و عدت بعمري سنوات إلى الوراء كطفلة صغيرة تأبى الذهاب إلى المدرسة. احتضنت أمي و أخواتي و أنا امني نفسي أنها فترة 5 أشهر و ستمر .أنني سأعود قبل أن أشعر أنني فارقت اليمن وكانت تلك اللحظات أطول من خمسة أشهر أو تزيد عن ذلك . صعدت إلى الطائرة و أنا أتذكر مقولة جدتي أنني كلما تلفت في المكان فإنني سأعود إليه فشرعت التفت يمينا و يسارا علني أعود قبل أن أغادر و لكن لم يفلح الأمر. و مرت 6 ساعات حتى وصلت إلى أول محطة في رحلتي. كنت منهكة القوى و أسير بلا دليل و أخطو خطوات خجلة لعلي أجد من يذكرني بتلك الأرض. و فقدت وجهتي و لم يدلني عليها سوى ذلك اليمني.

تهت في مطار فرانكفورت الدولي و أنا أتنقل من قطار إلى آخر و أقرأ لافتات البوابات التي توصلني إلى طائرتي و أنا احمل تذاكري و أتأمل في كل وجه لأرى إن كانت اليمن تشع في وجه احدهم و بينما كنت واقفة في القطار فإذا بي اسمع تلك اللكنة التي لطالما تلذذت بسماعها .و اقتربت أكثر من صاحب الصوت و سألته إن كان بإمكانه مساعدتي . تبسم و مد يده ليقرأ تذكرتي و كأنه يقرأ كفي . شرعت انظر إليه و أنا نصف نائمة أو هائمة و امضي معه باطمئنان في أرجاء المطار غير مبالية بتأخر طائرتي أو حتى في وجودها. و يرفع هاتفه النقال و يجري اتصالاته ليستفسر عن رحلتي و يراجع شاشات المراقبة و خطوط الطيران و أنا ارقب عيناه التي لم تقابل عيناي حتى أوصلني إلى بوابتي . لا اعرف له اسما و لا نسبا غير أنني اعرف انه يمني.لا أتذكره جيدا فقد مضى على لقائي به أكثر من عام لكنني اعرف وجهه لأنه يمني.

وصلت وجهتي و تيقنت بأني بعيدة عن أهلي و أرضي و ليس هناك من ألم أشبه بألم البعد عن الوطن. أعد كل يوم و أرجو كل ساعة أن تمضي لأعود وأحلم كل ليلة بالعودة. التحقت بصفوف الكلية و بدأت تدريجيا الاستسلام بأنني سوف أعيش 5 أشهر بلا هواء اليمن و أنا أتذكره في كل لحظة إلى أن التقيت ذلك اليمني. يتحدث إلي و يغض طرفه عني و يسأل عن حالي كل صباح و مساء و يفتقدني حين أغيب. ليس هذا فحسب بل يضمني إلى أهله ويقبلني أختا له و لطالما جعلني فخورة لأنه يمني .

و في يوم ما, اشتقت للحديث باللغة العربية, و سرت أتحدث بصوت عال حتى بات كل من حولي ينظر إلي. فتقدم هو و بدأ بالسلام و سأل عن بلدي و أجبته اليمن. أشرق وجهه نورا و سألني من أين؟ أجبته عدن و ازداد وجهه إشراقا و سألني من أين فأجبته عن حيي و شارعي فما لبث أن تبسم في وجهي فشعرت بأنه يمني.

و حانت عودتي , و بدأت أعيادي بعودتي إلى اليمن. أتبادل أطراف الحديث مع سائق سيارة الأجرة و كأنني أعرفه منذ سنين. و يسترسل في قصته كطالب علم و سائق و لا يجد في ذلك من حرج بل تحديث و تنمية لأرضه و مستقبل حاضره. و يسرد قصة أخته و دراستها و كفاحها ومدى ما تتحصل عليه المرأة من دعم و تمكين لدورها و لا يسعني إلا أن ابتسم لأنه يمني.

و عدت و مازلت أتوق لأقابل كل يمني تسري في دمه أصالة و عروبة, قدماه تستقران بتواضع على الأرض, رأسه شامخ, جبينه يوازي السماء سمو و رفعة, و عيناه تتحدى الصعاب.

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Translations available in: Arabic (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | English | Swedish | Russian | Dutch

Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo
Was at ['ae'tqaad] that America his vines other than all vines in the scientist. To is when visited her and her grandmother be new her acclimated and wonderful people of people. Finder of finder also faces of the similarity is evident Yemeni Al-Shaab and the American people Al-Shaab so identicals in the buses and metro the deliberate tunnels daughter-in-law occasionally illustrative door for the interview opens and between between current [fs] the chair and blames is not [ytwjswaa] semen of evil yet conversely was intestine speaks and as that them as that them introduces me before. Also also when the road cuts up so that them do not follow ['ashaaraat] [aalmshaah] yet the cars walk between other than ['abhyn] Yemeni identicals of Al-Shaab. [b'axtSaar] ['aHbbt] America and the branches American Al-Shaab

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Training Course in blogs
Translations available in: Arabic (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | English | Swedish | Russian | Dutch

Training Course in blogs
Automatically translated into English thanks to WorldLingo
Hand in Hand Initiative had held a training course in blogs creation in 5/2/2009 and 12/2/2009 for the employees of the Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights.
The trainer, Ghaidaa al _ Absi, had trained around 12 employees in how to create a blog and how to use it in the field of human rights.

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What is it

Yet, you are not
in my agenda
nor you are a point
in my check list
or today's to do
you know why
because simply
for me ,
you are not a task
Although , I am in your priorities
to do
to call and set the words what to say
what not to
you even set the time
when to say good bye
when to leave
and get away
It is something I do not get paid to do
it is simply something I wanna do
It is not waste of time
nor it is as a hitch-hike mind
it is that virtual hands that tap
on your shoulders
embrace you when you are cold
counsel you when you are lost
write to you when words are gone
It is the need of human needs
it is guidness when you have no compass
it is love when you lack it
it is caring when you are giving it away
it is life
because you can not be alone

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Surprisingly, the measurement of marriage and other communication غرابة القياس الزواج والاتصال الاخر
Translations available in: English (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | Swedish | Russian | Dutch | Arabic

When considering legislation to make the marriage early fatigue of the human rights because of the Alihohma is good
But the news came that the youngest child is born a child of the British unnoticed friendship unnoticed that the problem with one
This calls for the surprise of what is the difference between the two both in contact with each other in different ways, but it is different in origin and that the laws will prevent such contact because it is Atakhtlv of the marriage, but communication is what the depth is not carrying a legitimate marriage
It is a call for the establishment, trying to get the laws to prevent such acts
They claimed that the beginning of the blogger community, so

عند النظر الى التشريعات التى تجعل من الزواج المبكر انهاك للحقوق الانسانيه بسبب ما يترتب عليهوهذا امر جيد
ولكن ان ياتي خبر اصغر طفل يحمل مولود وهو الطفل البريطاني مرور الكرام من علاقه الصداقه مرور الكرام مع ان العله واحدة
هذا يدعوا للاستغراب ما الفرق بين الاثنين فكلاهما اتصال مع الاخر بصور مختلفه الا ان الامر مختلف والاصل ان تشرع قوانين تمنع الاتصال مثل هذا لانها لاتختلف عن الزواج بل هو اتصال لايحمل صفه العمق الشرعي كالزواج
ولذلك هي دعوة للقيام بانشاء منظمة تحاول استصدار قوانين تمنع مثل هذه الاعمال
وادعوا هذا المجتمع المدون للبداية بذلك

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Sometimes I feel you

make fun of me

Sometimes I feel you

wanna control ,be forceful

Sometimes I feel

Like a a chappy chick

whose trainer is giving her hard time

losing weight

Sometimes you tend to be bossy

SOmetimes you are generously loving

Sometimes you are incredibly childish

Sometimes you deal with me

as a stinky tiny fly

which you just kill with no care

Sometimes you are just you

and no one else

But sometimes , you are that image I hate

You are a father who

forces his rules and advises on purpose

However sometimes , you are that

calming summer rain

that freshens wets everything

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